Interface ActivateParamsInput

Describes optional parameters for the activate method.


  • ActivateParamsInput


customerUserId?: string

User identifier in your system


If none of the parameters are passed, the SDK will generate an ID and use it for a current device. Use your own ID:

  1. If you want to support a cross-device experience
  2. If you have your own authentication system, and you want to associate adapty profile with your user
lockMethodsUntilReady?: boolean

Locks methods threads until the SDK is ready.

Default Value


logLevel?: LogLevel

Log level for the SDK


Logging is performed on a native side. So you are expected to watch logs in Xcode or Android Studio.

Default Value


observerMode?: boolean

Turn it on if you handle purchases and subscription status yourself and use Adapty for sending subscription events and analytics

Default Value


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