Interface AdaptyPaywall

Describes an object that represents a paywall. Used in getPaywall method.


  • AdaptyPaywall


abTestName: string

Parent A/B test name.

hasViewConfiguration: boolean

If true, it is possible to fetch the view object and use it with AdaptyUI library.

instanceIdentity: string
locale: string

Identifier of a paywall locale.

name: string

A paywall name.

payloadData?: string
placementId: string

ID of a placement configured in Adapty Dashboard.

products: ProductReference[]

Array of initial products info

remoteConfig?: Record<string, any>

A custom dictionary configured in Adapty Dashboard for this paywall.

remoteConfigString?: string

A custom JSON string configured in Adapty Dashboard for this paywall.

revision: number

Current revision (version) of a paywall. Every change within a paywall creates a new revision.

variationId: string

An identifier of a variation, used to attribute purchases to this paywall.

version: number

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