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Adapty: CRM for mobile apps with subscriptions

Adapty SDK is an open-source framework that makes implementing in-app subscriptions for React Native fast and easy. It’s 100% open-source and lightweight.

Why Adapty?

  • On-the-fly paywalls price testing. Test different prices, duration, offers, messages, and designs simultaneously, all without new app releases.
  • Full customer's payment history. Explore the user's payment events from the trial start to subscription cancellation or billing issues.
  • In-app purchase data integration. Send subscription events to 3rd-party analytics, attribution, and ad services with no coding, even if the user uninstalls the app.
  • Advanced analytics. Analyze your app real-time metrics with advanced filters, such as Ad network, Ad campaign, country, A/B test, etc.

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Integrate IAPs Within a Few Hours Without Server Coding

Adapty handles everything, from free trials to refunds, in a simple, developer-friendly SDK.

  • Free trials, upgrades, downgrades, crossgrades, family sharing, renewals, promo offers, intro offers, promo codes, and more – Adapty SDK does everything with a single line of code.
  • Easy subscription management.
  • One-time purchases and lifetime subscriptions supported.
  • Sync subscribers' states across iOS, Android, and Web.

Price Testing for In-app Purchases on React Native Without App Releases

  • Optimize in-app subscriptions with the paywall A/B testing. Conversions, trials, revenue, cancellations, and more — everything is calculated for you: each paywall and each A/B test.
  • Change images, colors, layouts, and literally anything with a custom JSON. Configure different prices, trial periods, promo offers, and more in Adapty without app releases.

Paywall A/B Testing on React Native

Adapty: In-app subscriptions with paywall A/B testing

  • Conversions, trials, revenue, cancellations, and more everything is calculated for you: each paywall and each A/B test.
  • Change images, colors, layouts and literally anything with a custom JSON.
  • Price testing is seamlessly integrated for any platform.

Real-time Analytics for Your React Native App

Adapty: How Adapty works

  • Manage the subscription's state without managing transactions.
  • 99.5% accuracy with App Store Connect.
  • View and analyze data by attributes, such as status, channels, campaigns, and more.
  • Filter, group, and measure metrics by attribution, platform, custom users' segments, and more in a few clicks.

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Ask questions, participate in discussions about Adapty-related topics, become a part of our community for mobile app developers and marketers. Learn how to monetize your app, ask questions, post jobs, read industry news and analytics. Ad free.

Getting Started

yarn add react-native-adapty

Read the documentation to install and configure Adapty SDK. Set up purchases in hours instead of weeks :rocket:


  • Feel free to open an issue, we check all of them or drop us an email at [email protected] and tell us everything you want.
  • Want to suggest a feature? Just contact us or open an issue in the repo.

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Adapty is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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